Konferens: Gothenburg ceramics 2019 - NYTT DATUM!

Välkomna med anmälan till Gothenburg ceramics 2019!
Konferensen äger rum mellan 9 -11 maj 2019.

Gothenburg Ceramics: Production, trade and cultural exchange in Europe AD 1000–1850

9 – 11th of May 2019

The last 100 years of historical archaeology in western Sweden have resulted in extensive, primarily urban, ceramic collections in our museums. This material reveals a picture of ceramic development as well as suggesting complex European links spanning a period of 850 years. Although there is ongoing research, much of the material still remains unpublished. This conference aims to meet and discuss European ceramics from a broad perspective. There will also be an opportunity to view pottery assemblages from our museum collections.

Call for papers 
We invite presentations covering topics such as production, distribution and trade, waste management, contacts and diaspora, cooking and dining habits or other social aspects. The presentations will be a maximum of 20 minutes back to back, including questions.

Please send title and abstract (max 1500 characters) to: tom.wennberg@kultur.goteborg.se
Last day to submit abstracts: 30th September 2018

Preliminary timetable
30th September 2018: last day to submit abstracts.
1st November 2018: registration opens.
28th February 2019: registration closes.
16th – 18th May 2019: Conference will take place at the Museum of Gothenburg

Organizing committee for the conference 

Jeanette Gustavsson, Rio Göteborg, natur- och kulturkooperativ, Sweden
Tom Wennberg, Museum of Gothenburg, Sweden
Åsa Engström, Museum of Gothenburg, Sweden
Sonia Jeffery, Lödöse museum/Västarvet, Sweden
Veronica Forsblom Ljungdahl, Bohusläns museum, Sweden

The conference is a collaboration with the Medieval Pottery Research Group (MPRG).